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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thursday, July 16, 2009 Pakistan Telecom Advertising

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pakistan Telecom Advertising

Pakistan is the biggest market for the telecom companies. The population of Pakitan is now almost 15 crore and there are five telecom companies in Pakistan whcih are providing almost similar servicese at similar rates. All the companies are trying to get attention of new customers and in retaining existing custmers.
Telecom companies are the biggest accounts for advertising agencies and the task of advertising agency is very tough. Every day we see a new commercial of some telecom company communicating a message of their new package.
All the telecom companies were doing excessive advertising mainly showing the benefit of their packages. The ads of Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Mobilink and Warid are shown most frequently then any other company's ad even more thatn Pepsi and Coke ads.
Now telecom advertising has taken a dramatic turn, it started with the sim portability ads made by Zong in which there were people of different age group and social classes telling their number which was of other company and giving message that thay have used the advantage of portability and switched to zong network. This was the most effective campaign ever run by zong with clear message, but it was decent campaing. Ufone moked this in their ad which was banned by APNS. Zong started the camparitive advertising
After zong there came two robotic characters of Warid and warid get dirty and it moked all other companies packages straight forwardly. Three or four commercials were made by warid each moking pakage of other telecom company. Nobody was expecting this from Warid becuause in past the ads of warid have been very decent. Warid gone dirty was a shock to me atleast.
The reason may be that warids customers are moving to Telenor and Ufone, they tried to attract their customers back .
Now the biggest move was made by Jazz. Jazz made the smartest move ever made by any company in any ad in telecom advertising. Ali Zaffar has been the mega brand embassader of Telenr Talk Shawk for almost five years. Telenor has made Ali Zaffare as the symbol of telenor, and now they will know the demerit of getting celebrity in the ads.
First Jazz displayed two ads in national news paper one quarter page in which a shadow of Ali Zaffar was displayed with simple message ( Aj Kon Jazz on Kare ga), and when the page is turned, in next page there was full page ad in which Ali Zaffar was standing wiht simple message ( Aj sa Jazz on hai). And now there are commercials of Jazz running in every channel in which Ali Zaffar is saying AJ sy Jazz on Hi. Jazz has not gone dirty which it can, still it hit telenor badly by acquring their brand embassador.
Now Ufone and Telenor are biggest advertisers in telecom business, i am waitng for the response of telenor to Jazz, so far telenor is running its simple ads, its the only company which hasn't hit any other company directly or indirectly, telenor is going clean, as a response to Jazz, there will be some response from telenor, the irony is that the ad of talkshawk recently made is still running on television with Ali Zaffar in it. Talkshawk is in jeoprady and there silence shows that something big will come. I am waiting,.!
(one thing which is disturibng for me is that in recent ad of talkshawk, they have copied the theme of mobilink Jazz, i was listening that ad in radio and my first impression was that it is an add of Jazz but at the end I found out that its ad of talkshawk, why they have done this i dont know and I dont understand..